Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Want a Piece of Me? Wanna Dance?

I talk about college a lot. I dare you to ask me if I liked college. I have no qualms in totally bashing MHC. I justify this by noting that it was where I spent the last four years of my life, my adult life. It's where I learned important lessons about friendships, alcohol, and singing in the car. It's where I was the most depressed I've ever been in my entire life, and the place where I felt the most alienated and alone. There is a lot of hate.

And yet.

When I saw a girl in a Smith sweatshirt a couple of weeks ago, I immediately got a little giddy.

"did you go to Smith?"

Stares blankly, "yes"

"I went to Mount Holyoke"


"yeah, class of 2007"

We then played a little bit of the do-you-know-this-person game. But it turns we have no friends in common. Then she said, "I've heard that Smith is more for serious students, it's a little more, you know, hard."

what? what? what? Immediately, a bunch of love for MHC just poured out of my mouth "I wouldn't say that at all. In fact, if I were to guess at any differences between MHC and Smith I'd say that different types of girls attend both institutions; I wouldn't make any judgements based on the academic integrity of either of them, except they are both extremely challenging and rewarding." In other words, I was all "I hope you know some Mexican Judo cuz you don't know who you messin' with homes. If you wanna dance - let's dance."

No one talks trash about the sisterhood.

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  1. oh i cannot tell you how many times the random mhc love has spouted from my mouth whenever someone says something less than complimentary about our alma mater. which is funny because any other time you'll just hear me bitching about it and about how glad i am to finally be done with that chapter of my life. funny how things change.