Thursday, June 12, 2008

1 part Betty Boop, 1 Part Diana Ross

On Wednesday, I met one of the first people I met in Australia in 2006 for lunch. I haven't seen him in over a year.

I got my hair cut on Tuesday. Just a little trim to enhance the curl. However, my hair rebels after being cut. It explodes into a frizzy fro of awesome. I usually just put it up into a messy bun and call it day.

I woke up on Wednesday morning. My hair defying gravity and expanding in all directions as I lifted my head off the pillow. It was the definition of all things hot: Betty Boop meets Diana Ross.

9 AM:
So, I take off all my pajamas, climb into the shower, and turn on the water. As I hold my hand out waiting for the water to get warm and staring at my awesome reflection, I realize that no water is in fact coming out of the faucet. Nothing.

In a panic, I grab my towel, and try every faucet in my apartment. Nothing. I can't even wash my face. My first friend in Australia is going to never let me live this down. This Betty Boop/Diana Ross thing is enough material to tease me until I DIE.

9:30 AM: Watch a Mad About You episode on Youtube.

10:00 AM: only an hour and a half before I have to meet him for lunch...PANIC.

10:02 AM: Call my mom. She bemoans the fact yet again, that i don't have a camera on my computer to video skype. I point out that would be awkward at the moment as I look like Betty Boop auditioning for the Supremes AND I am only in my towel.

10:55 AM: hang up with my mother, 30 minutes before i need to catch the tram to meet him for lunch.

11:00 AM: WHOOOOOSH, water surges through the walls like a pride parade (I am not sure what that analogy means, but work with it...I think it'll make sense eventually). The people rejoiced. I did an awkward toweled jig.

11:25 AM: showered, clean, hair is no longer having an identity crisis. Am walking towards tram.

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