Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And One

In two days, I am getting on a plane to the United States via Fiji (FIJI!). And there are 87 million and one reasons why I am so excited to be going home (and to FIJI!!!). The 'and one' is that when the six weeks of traveling is done, I'll be flying back to Melbourne (via Hawaii!).

More and more, Melbourne is feeling like the right place to be. When I walk down the street here, it feels like I've been living here my whole life (except without the accent). When I first came to Australia in 2006, I saw Rod Laver arena for the first time from across the Yarra and my stomach flipped. I was so excited I actually squealed! As one would expect, that initial glee has faded...

Sometimes, life gets in the way. I have essays to write, jobs to look for, articles to read, or my future to obsess about. The past few weeks, I could've been anywhere in the world and I wouldn't have known it.

On Monday, I took to train out to see Jess. As the train pulled up to Richmond station, I glimpsed Rod Laver again. Butterflies swished in my stomach and doves began to play. True Love.

I may be leaving, but I'll be coming back home too.

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