Friday, June 06, 2008

Pink Pajamas

I don't like to use the term 'best friend.' All of my close friends know me equally well and are all fabulous times 87. My close friends and I share inside jokes that make so little sense to the rest of the world we might as well be speaking a different language. These are people who I obsess over Not Daniel-Not Eric with, who feel the same way about Adrian Brody [and more importantly, his nose] as I do (yum with a side of foxy), and who feel comfortable enough around me (& clearly vice versa) to embarrass themselves as fully and completely as they can.

This is where I usually compare my life to a sitcom: Will & Grace, Dawson's Creek, Sex and the City, Friends, or How I Met Your mother. Sitcoms where love is found and lost, death may happen, laughter is inevitable, but more important the friendships are a constant. And I just a second.

If I told Emma to meet me at our place, I know she would get a plane to Bradley Airport, get a cab to MHC, and meet me in between 1837 and the Mandelles (we once went running to this particular spot unintentionally wearing matching underwear pulling the waistbands up and exclaiming "these aren't as comfy as we expected!"). If I said Pom Poms to Whitney, I know that she would think of Nicholson and still we deny that one pom pom is called a pom. Preema can't see a boy in stripes without contemplating giving him my phone number - and when I met a German boy in Australia my first thought was "Preema would totally approve."

But there is one person who transcends this close friendship business. Today I remembered why, while she is going through a very difficult family time - the place she wanted to be was at her computer talking to me (it rhymes, so you know its true). And while I don't want to write an ode to Bobo-reis (because that would be awkward and weird - I mean C'mon [said Lleyton Hewitt style - he trademarked it though so shh don't tell anyone]! This is a public forum). When it comes to friendship we're Will & Grace and Monica & Rachel. She's the Joey to my Chandler. I'm the Miranda to her Carrie. We're Ted and Marshall. We're Jack and Karen. She calls me The Bubbleduck.

I was only going to post one picture -

Aren't we cute? Here's the problem, we more often are making facing like these:

What I am saying, inarticulately, is I totally wear pink pajamas -- which in the language of the crazy obviously means "I miss you."


  1. This totally made my morning :) You are the cheese to my macaroni!!

  2. Aww! the ultimate compliment (you know - if we were competing in The Compliment Extremes)