Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Step Towards Feminity

In my own mind, I think of myself as being feminine. The worst kind of maintenance (according to Harry), I think I am low maintenance but really I'm high maintenance. So, I don't wear make-up on a regular basis, and my clothing staples are cords and t-shirts. So, I'm lazy and can't be bothered shaving on a regular basis...what's your point - that the rest of the world doesn't consider me feminine?

Remember in January when buying a little clutch made me feel "like such a girl"? And remember when I got my first wax?

Well, in New York I found myself with the inexplicable need to own a handbag. A HANDBAG. I don't even know who I am anymore. I like backpacks and pockets so I don't have to have a bag to carry my wallet.

It's possible I just wanted a knock off of someone (as if I know the difference between a Prada bag versus a Gucci bag) because I am pretty sure that is what you do in New York. Jess, My cousin and her daughter, and I walked down canal street in search of the perfect knock off. A man of indiscernible origin sees us crossing the street and walks over to us "do you want a handbag?" he asks. Why yes we do!

We think he is leading us towards a storefront filled with handbags. We follow him pass the storefront. He turns down a long corridor. We start to wonder if we should turn around and runaway (runaway, runaway). He takes up two stories in a dodgy elevator. He leads down another corridor - and into a room full of handbags and wallets.

I didn't find what I was looking for there - Jess made some awesome scores.

Our last day in New York, we did some last minute shopping and wondering around. And I was still looking for this perfect knockoff. It exists! So we (my mom, my aunt, Jess, and I) start heading down to canal street again. A couple of blocks before we got there, a woman asked me if I wanted handbags. I asked her where they were. She began to furtively look around, terrified that someone in our group or on the street was an undercover cop. She lead us to a white van with no windows. She gestured for Jess and I to get inside. In my mind, I heard my friend Cam screaming at me "don't get into the van! do you know what happens to girls when they get into strange vans! do you!? DO YOU?" We got in the van. Where I fell in love with a Dolce and Gabbana very orange hand bag.

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