Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Indescribable Feeling

Dear Diary,
Yesterday, I got my first bikini and leg wax (half leg).   I was quizzing my friend as we walked to the salon about how much this would hurt.  She kept going "it doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable."  But I was SCARED, a stranger is going to spread hot wax on my upper thigh and then rip it off in one swift motion! Everything about that situation sounds painful!  

My friend was all, "Don't be so dramatic.  If you are that scared don't do it."

But there comes a time in every woman's life where she has to buck up and get waxed.  And yesterday was my day.

So I traipsed down to the basement of the salon with a little woman who upon shutting the door looked at my attire, a sun dress, and said "just hike that around your waist."  No introductions, or pleasantries.  There have been men, boys perhaps, I've dated for months who weren't allowed access to my bikini line.  Is this the so called uncomfortable part?  Because as I lay on the table with my dress around my belly button and a woman, whom I had paid, fiddled with my undergarments, it felt awkward.

As the lady applied the first drops of wax, I mumbled "This is my first time, and I am a little nervous."  It was a plea for her to be gentle.  As she finished one half of my bikini line, she looked up at me and said "painful?"  As my mind quickly searched for the correct word to describe the feeling, I realised there isn't one, and replied "a little."  The lady just nodded emphatically at me as if I'd just answered the world's toughest question.

Diary, I can't tell if I'll do it again or not. But I have one less thing I've never done.  And one more awkward moment to laugh about later.



  1. I lova you and missa you like no words could describe!!!!

  2. Yeah....
    But, smoooooooooth, non?