Monday, July 14, 2008

Initial Feelings about NYC

The longest I've ever been to New York City is about three days. And let me tell you, that's all that I can handle.  Yet, here I am on day 2 of 7, SEVEN.  The truth is I hate it.  I get initially excited about the possibility of seeing famous people or the ability to find that one perfect sun-dress that I've been dreaming of all my life [backless, sexy yet demure, casual yet refined, in some bright colour].  But the more I walk around the more nervous I feel about being surrounded by tall buildings, concrete, people, and people's trash.  It's now been about 16 hours - at least 8 of those I was sleeping - and already I feel the knot in my stomach that indicates that uncomfortable feeling that I pretend I can ignore.

I fully appreciate that there are things in New York that I can not do or experience in any other part of the world.  And I am super excited to go to a dance performance and to see In the Heights (The 2008 Best New Musical Tony Award Winner), to stalk Harrison Ford (although, I am a terrible stalker - and probably won't even be able to find him although I know what building he lives in), and to let Jessie have her ultimate New York Week.  

This weekend has been filled with goodbyes - The Longest Goodbye I've ever had to make. For the first time I am planning on not seeing my brothers and their families; my bestest friend; or my grandparents for a year.  When I am in America, I distrust my decision to move away.  I know can't wait to go back home, to Australia, and restart my life there.

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