Saturday, August 16, 2008

Elaine Bon Jovi

First of all, can I just take a moment to express my undying love for photobooth? oh NSM, you light up my life.

Alright, so I got a haircut last Tuesday. And I am going to do something totally narcissistic which makes me a wee bit uncomfortable. But frankly this is a personal website, so isn't it all about being self-obsessed self expression?

I told my stylist to chop of 2-3 inches of my white girl fro. She didn't. I told her to cut more. And she most certainly did.

I think it's kind of Jon Bon Jovi meets Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Early 90s curltastic mulletesque. Taking Elaine Benes' highway to hell. A study in gravity-defying curls. A majestic tribute to the brat pack.

I've always wanted bangs - and now I kind of have them. If I've said it once, I've said it ten thousand times: holy Moses and all things Madonna I would have ROCKED the 80s.

When I sent a picture to my brother his response was "soul glow?"

What's yours?


  1. I think it's FIIIEEERRRCCCEEEE (ala Mizzz Jay)!

    And I wouldn't worry about narcissism. It's not so bad unless it you drown coz of it. But seriously, being the camera whore that I am, I have about one gig's worth of pictures of just me.

    (was that too much info for an almost-stranger? lol!)

  2. Well, thanks! Definitely not too much info. Gawd, I love Ms. Jay. I'm pretty sure if Tyra gave me a chance we'd be friends.

  3. Love IS a battle field, friend.