Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Love for the Awesomely Bad

For each individual person there is a level that constitutes awesomely bad. I am a big fan. The cheesier the better. Step Up 2: The Streets - possibly the worst greatest movie ever made.

Turns out my tolerance for The Bad That Is So Good is significantly higher (lower?) than Not Daniel’s.

We watched Sahara the other day. He was all “this is totally unrealistic” and I was like “and hilarious?”

First The Sound of Music and now this!


  1. Well, think about it this way, when you and NotDaniel are in your 50s, you can have a big ol pillow fight about sobaditsgood (SBIGs) and you can end it with "Oh shut the fck up, Maria".

  2. There are so many things about that sentence that make me uncomfortable. ;)

    what awesomely bad things does The Demigod enjoy?

  3. Infomercials. Love them to bits. I have the wondermop, the sauna belt, those electronic butterfly things that you strap on to your (fl)abs and make your muscles contract so you can "exercise while watching TV! WOW! What an amazing offer! But wait, there's more!"

    I make fun of Vin Diesel, but The Chronicles of Riddick is also a movie on my SBIG list.

    What about decoybetty? :P

  4. Dance movies; mtv reality shows, and disco. in my head - I am in a awesome, albeit dramatic, early 80s dance movie, always.