Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh, Hello Twenty Three

On Wednesday, I turned 23 years old.

Having been 23 for a few days let me tell you some things about Twenty Three.

1. I suddenly have acne, which let me tell you is awkward after going through my whole teenage life with just a slight spluttering of blemishes, sometimes.

2. I still don't like chocolate cake.

3. Boys who you are dating give you gifts at 23 - true story, ladies. Before 23, the fellas IGNORE the birthday, 23 gifts!

4. Speaking of gifts, I am still really awkward and weird when receiving both gifts and/or compliments.

5. My mom wants me to stay just the way I am.

6. Saying twenty-three sounds old. I still feel 17. Awkward.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday!

    1. Cetaphil and Oxy10. Trust me, I'm preparing for my (as-yet-un-adopted) kids' teenage years. But those were the only things that worked for me when I was a pimply geek. Now I'm just a geek.

    2. I'm not gonna comment on how you don't like chocolate cake because OHMYGODHOWCANYOUNOTLIKECHOCOLATECAKE??? (lol)

    3. Hmmm. What's your secret? You have to share so that the I can use it on Teddy Bear. I have yet to receive my pony and my birthday is coming up.

    4. You're hair is so rockin. You're like, a fabulous 23. You're unbelievably funny. (am I making you squirm yet? :P)

    5. She wouldn't be a mom if she didn't. LOL

    6. Take Aaliyah's line: age ain't nuthin but a numbah. ;)

  2. Aww, thank you!

    Yes, definitely squirmy.

    I apologise profusely for the cake thing. It's a miracle my family hasn't disowned me, yet. I don't even have a separate dessert stomach. Tragic.