Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was already to admit to the almost ever present buzz of blogger's block, when I remembered that I just went on a 6 week trip where Jess took approximately 1000 photographs (mostly of me. Mostly of my butt).

Our first stop was Fiji (FIJI!). We spent a good 3 days trying to figure out how we could both lie down comfortably in a hammock. And let me tell you - it was a game of trial and error. But finally we managed, Jess listened to her Ipod - and I, I read Anna Karenina.

We flew to visit some family of mine in San Fransisco, where I insisted that we go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Jess took approximately 72 photographs of strangers while we were in SF. (God, now I know why I haven't done this sooner...are you bored? I am bored. We're only at photo 2...Jesus Hell).

Then we flew home, my home. My favorite days at home was the days we got to spend with Bobo-Reis. One particular day, I took her to the hospital in the morning for her eye doctor's appointment. And the darling had to wear the most ridiculous sun-spectacles in the world. We took the tram up Cannon Mountain which is something that in my 15 years of skiing there I had never done before. But mostly...

You know when you're driving. And you hear your favorite song on the radio. So you turn it up really loud and start singing and seat-dancing like the world depended on your performance to spin? Imagine if you took 85 of your favorite songs and played them back to back on a 5 hour car trip. Do you have the correct visual? Now, in hour 4 you get stuck in stop n' go traffic for an hour and half. So, you're feeling the tunes, you're getting your groove thing on, tween boys in another car are trying to get you to dance for them, boys without shirts are leaning half way out of their SUV and are shouting at you, you are totally oblivious until...Vin Diesel drives up next to you in his BMW. The best part of this photo - is that you can't actually tell if it is Vin Diesel or not, but what a shot of Jess's lunar-white thigh!

Are you still reading? How bored are you? The Cape! I wasn't going to post this photo of Manny. But the Red Sox traded him and now I feel all sentimental towards this particular shot, this particular game, and those particular seats.

I also played with blocks.

This spot on some street in Chinatown is my favorite memory of our trip to NYC. That day we walked, all day. We shopped. But we mostly just walked to see where we'd end up. And we ended up in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. It was this spot that Jess and I got "Stayin' Alive" stuck in our heads something fierce. It was this spot where they shot all those scenes in Saturday Night Fever. And boy did we feel it:

Our flight to Hawaii was delayed 3 hours. We already had a five hour lay over. I aged 5 years in LAX.

HAWAII. I'm not going to lie, in ten years when I think back on Hawaii I'm not going to think about the beautiful beaches that we saw and swam in, or the plethora of turtles that we saw, or shave ice. What I am going to remember is our first morning in Waikiki where Jess and I were so exhausted from our travels that we stayed in bed until noon watching the worst tv that VH1 could offer "I Love Money" without pants on. Yes, it will be pantlessness, Mr. Boston, Destiny, and The Entertainer that I remember.

I also dabbled in modeling while in Hawaii, doesn't everyone?

And there my lovely people is an incredible boring post of my trip. Here are my tips - when fashion gets ugly - call captain soxy. When shirts get boring - tie dye. When trying to take pictures of celebrities - roll down the window. And first in foremost - when in Hawaii - take off your pants and listen to The Entertainer...he says it best "What I say to you is what I say to you"...


  1. Captain Soxy is the most wonderful thing that ever lived :)

  2. Indeed - as far as super heroes go. Captain Soxy is definitely the soxiest.