Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top Five: Birthday Edition

5) On my 16th birthday, I took the written driving exam. I was so cranky and irritable, and my poor cousin and Lisa showed extreme restraint in not smacking me across the head. I was so nervous that I didn't want to be around anyone at all. To be honest, besides freaking out over the driving test, I can't remember what celebratory things we did do...strangely, this is still a better birthday than turning 15; 21; 17; or 19.

4) My 20th birthday. the night before we went to a Red Sox Game (my first one!). On the way home at midnight everyone in the van sang happy birthday to me. My favourite part was that i got to spend the day with my brothers. The actual day of I don't remember too much about.

3) The night before my 22nd birthday, Will and I drove from Ohio to Memphis TN. I have family in Memphis, but family that I only see every- oh - 6 years. I had told Will that I wanted to keep my birthday a little hush hush. I'm uncomfortable with fanfare and the attention. But upon entering their house, my cousin asked us what we wanted to do in Memphis, and Will, being oh so sweet said, "Well, tomorrow is Deidre's Birthday!" Way to keep it Hush Hush Will! Anyway, my actually birthday was spent canoodling with Elvis, at Soulsville ['ya better, knock...on wood! baby!'], and at the civil rights museum. So far, there is no bout a doubt it, it is my favourite "big kid" birthday.

2) My parents seem to have this tradition that when one of their children heads off to college, they replace the empty spot they've left in the family home with a dog; although, the didn't get one when I went to college. On my 11th birthday, The Middle Brother left for college and my parents gave me a puppy. All through highschool Oota remained my dog. He did homework with me, he slept in my bed, we spent hours lying on the floor together, he nibbled on my ear - which was awkward for everyone. But when I left for college, he quickly became my dad's dog.

I'm relatively certain that I have the best parents in the whole wide world - Best Birthday In The World.

1) When I was 9, I went to summer horse camp. At horse camp, I fell utterly and completely in love. His name was Chief a chocolate brown pony that won over my heart and soul. I groomed him endlessly. I braided his mane. I rode him around the arena. I told the instructor numerous times that if this pony was going on sale - than goodness gracious I'd give her every last dime I had to have him. Summer camp ended. My family went down to The Cape to celebrate my 10th birthday with family. I received a card from my parents. I opened it up and out fell a picture of my one true love. They gave me a pony for my birthday. Not any pony, but The Pony. My dad had chosen him and brought him to horse camp (with all the staff and participants 'in the know') to make sure Chief and I got along okay. And do you know what I did when I found out? I sobbed. I sobbed because I thought that I we would have to sell our other horse Mel in order to keep Chief. I was distraught, thinking that I had to choose one beloved friend over another. After careful reassurance that we would keep both, the glee I felt came only second to the emotional exhaustion of for a brief moment having to part with someone I loved so much. My cousins gave me a necklace with the word Chief spelled out on it. I wore it until my first year of college. I am the girl who didn't ask for a pony for her birthday, but got one anyway.


  1. I can definitely see how turning the big 1-0 would be the best. I never got a pony, no matter how hard I asked. LOL

  2. Aww, I'm sorry. Well, it's never too late for a pony you know!

    We still have Chief (and Mel, and 3 others - INTENSE).