Friday, August 08, 2008

Yo, Playa - I Be Neurotic Too

The Bloggess (who I've mentioned a ton recently - but yo she be one funny broad!) wrote a post about her neurotic behavior. She has received nearly 200 comments of people who describe their own particular brand of crazy.

Here are two of mine:

I have an OCD relationship with my keys. I must check for them before I leave the apartment. Even if that means I have just picked them up off my bed and put them in my bag. I will re-open my bag back up and hold them as I walk out the door. This means that each time I walk out the door I reach for the door handle, retract my hand, reach into my bag, search for my keys, HOLD ON TO THEM as I open the door and step out. Every. Time. I. Leave.

I won't say "I love you" in a real context. It's only been the past year I've been able to say it out loud (to my best friend). I haven't told my parents I love them in a decade. I'm afraid if I say it outloud then someone will know and be able to blackmail me with that kind of information. You know, like in Spiderman (or Batman) (or any movie with an action hero), the bad guys go for Spidey's loved ones first.

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