Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Wonder...

- How many pictures am I in that aren’t mine. Looking through my Taj Mahal pictures there are dozens of people in my photographs – I wonder what their stories are.

- If I remember all those “photo shoots” with friends because of the photos or because of all the laughing we did when we took them.

- If people noticed Jess taking pictures of them while we were in the car driving over the Golden Gate Bridge? And subsequently, I wonder what that boy’s laugh sounds like.

- What people are thinking about when they smile as they walk down the street by themselves.

- What it is like to be a toddler and have people magically know all about your life and ask specific questions about it. Like “Tell me what happened when you went camping?”, “did you see any cows?”, “how did you scare them away?” Do they think it’s weird?

- What strangers think of me. Particularly, when I sneeze.

- What my horse thinks when I nuzzle behind his ear.

- If during my brothers’ day they ever spontaneously think of me.

- If The Torch Trilogy is anyone’s favourite movie?

- What it is like to be ridiculously good at something.

- If anyone else gets the words telepathy and telekinesis confused on a daily basis.

- What the health repercussions are for having bubble wrap on my counters.


  1. Your toddler observation is hilarious. Related to that, I wonder if they ever think "dude, if you know all this why are you asking me!" or "dude, that is such a leading question!"

  2. Exactly! Or "Princess, I know you know that I know - let's kick out of this Popsicle stand and play dragons."

  3. I wonder how I can get my picture to show when I post a comment! :(

    (I has a vain. LOL)