Thursday, September 11, 2008


People ask me a lot who'd I'd turn gay for. I am not sure why this question comes up in conversation on such a frequent basis. Maybe it's because of Rove's incessant asking of the question?

Regardless, as if there is any question. Ellen. I like my women funny.

Who'd you turn gay/straight for?


  1. I was struggling with how to answer this when I realized the reason I'm struggling is because I already am. :P

    So who would I turn straight for?

    Angelina Jolie is my stock answer. But I also get turned on by Joan Allen. And by girl-on-girl action. I am the strangest 'mo who reads your blog. LOL

  2. Haha! Oh, Joan Allen. Angie seems to be everyone's stock answer. Good choice!

    Also, I just saw the episode of friends where Phoebe sings the barnyard song. Hi-Lar-Ious.

    Also, also, What's the episode where sings about the pigeon and love?

  3. OMG I totally forgot about that! That was the VERY first episode of FRIENDS:

    Love is sweet as summer showers
    Love is a wondrous work of art
    But your love, oh your love,
    Your love is like a giant pigeon
    Crapping on my heart.
    La la la la lalalalala.


    You can find all her songs here. Fricking hilarious!

  4. Playa, puh-leaze. Ellen is the dream woman.