Friday, September 19, 2008

Visitors, gay lovers, advertisements, and other random things

I just applied to have advertisements put on this website - I have no idea if I'll get them or not, but does that make you like me any less? Am I selling out? Help me, help you?

Yesterday, in the midst of pre-presentation jitters I forgot to bring my presentation notes, twice. Mmmhmm, twice! First, I forgot to bring them to Uni to work on them more, memorize them, say them over and over to make sure my tongue remembers how to form words.
Then, I spent the next two to three hours recreating the cheat sheet which I promptly decided to not print out and bring to class. So in the first 5 minutes of class I had to rewrite the whole thing again. It was clearly a good day.

Also, I used the word 'meld' as in to integrate, but I don't actually think it is a word. And if it is, I am pretty sure it doesn't mean to integrate?

Tomorrow morning my college friend W. is arriving in Melbourne! She is coming all the way to Australia to visit - that my friends is true love. In a past life, W. and I were gay men and deeply in love. In this life, residual 'old man sleaze' occasionally erupts out of our mouths.

Also have you heard the rumors about Step Up 3-D. Because I can barely contain my excitment. Step Up! 3! In 3-D!


  1. 1. Money is money is money. The more the MANY-er. :)

    2. Isn't public speaking the bestest, amazingest, most pleasurablest thing in the wo... *gunshot*

    3. Awwww

  2. Hah - shouldn't it be the more the money-ier?

    Jebus - I envy the people who are really good at it - I do!

    Dubs is a sweetie.