Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Sexy Rattlesnake

byline - Jess

When Dooce posted this, I for obvious reasons had to share it will all my homegirls (ie Jess and Dubs). Tonight, as in right now. Jess and I had the incredible urge to watch it again. As I searched for it on youtube we found this, you rambunctious infant.

This is an important piece of art to be shared (poor English - shut up, Spencer) for the following reasons:

- Physics nerds need to be supported as the most underrated minority.
- Sting-a-likes are few and far between.
- The finance pop industry has been a bear market of late, and needs a serious injection of optimism and support - and applesauce, Spencer.

Anyhoo - I am going on vacation: peace out, homewedges.

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