Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cannot move for Germans

Germans, as a people, are everywhere (although, Lisa - I know you're busy becoming a doctor and all, but seriously send your host sister some love would you?). Apparently they are the most well travelled nationality - according to someone, and trust me they should know.

On the Whitsunday's cruise that I went on there was a German guy who had a melt-worthy name (names, although not deal breakers, definitely up the scale of swoonage), and he taught me another German word. Which brings my tally to seven whole German words! I am pretty sure that means I'm fluent, right? The new word is narbe which means scar. I am not positive, but think I pronounce it incorrectly as it comes out as some mesh of the words gargle and nada. But you can't be fluent in German and have hair like Pat Benatar, you know?

In English, this is my German vocabulary - I can tell it's going to get me out of a lot of trouble someday: Crap! left street, scar night, bless you. vineyard?

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  1. What about Heidi Klum's "Aufweidersehein"? (Did I even spell that right? LOL