Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cultural Exchange

Moving to Australia - besides being the decision that has made me the most happy - has been a lesson in language and product placement.

I'll be all "I'm playing hooky" and they're like "you kinky bloody freak stop the nookie...Gawd."

Or singing the theme song from jeopardy. I've never seen so many faces go blank than when I mention Alex Trebeck Trebec Trebek.

But all this isn't really surprising, of course we have different ways of expressing ourselves; obviously we have different tv shows and subsequently different tv hosts!

But my The Nalgene (if only that were a euphemism)? Surely this product is one that is embraced by the laypeople around the world? As a US product that everyone seems to have or knows someone who has one or has borrowed one or has tried to break due to their "it's indestructible" marketing approach seems to be unrepresented by the common Australian. To the point that they actually compliment my water bottle (that's what she said? wha?).


  1. I've seen them around, but not a big fan of water as much as I am of starbucks. it seems no matter where i go, they have no idea what "Tylenol PM" is, but have no fucking problem with a green mermaid in a green circle.

  2. Green mermaid? green circle?

    I'm a fainter thus water is my friend. Caffeine is My Crazy - Starbucks = enemy. What's your starbucks drink of choice?