Monday, October 20, 2008

The Darkness

This makes me uncomfortable. I don't like writing about it. I don't bring it up with friends. It's a private battle. But unfortunately, at times its the only thing I can write about. Apologies.

I can tell things aren't quite right with me when I start crying watching tv. That is definitely the sign that The Darkness has come back. I am not a fan.

On Friday night, I was gearing up to watch An Inconvenient Truth for one of my essays by watching an episodes of Friends on channel ten. It was the one where Rachel is supposed to move out. She and Monica fight. Ross builds a fake Ben but then his pumpkin head falls off and Ross says "get your head out of your shirt, son" as if Ross is the type of guy to call his son, son. Anyway, as I curled up watching it with tears running down my face, it highlighted that maybe this wasn't normal.

On Sunday night, it was Australian Idol. I cried over Australian Idol.

Other signs include going to sleep at 8 pm, ignoring my phone, and getting unnecessarily angry at my mother.

I can't be good at everything, and sometimes - just sometimes - I am not very good at being happy.