Saturday, October 11, 2008

Drinking the Fat

A couple of weeks ago, Jess asked me if I was a romantic. And I was like "Don't you know me at all, woman? Of course I'm a romantic."

This discussion of romance kind of touched on all the key points: the big gesture, the small gesture, The Tone, being a gentleman, etc etc. I'm pretty sure that if there is going to be a big gesture needed in one of my relationships; its going to be from me.

Our little chat had me thinking about the romantic moments of my past. Like that summer my boyfriend told me he was going out on a date with someone else because he never thought he'd "get to go on a date with someone like her." Doesn't that just give you butterflies? It would be years later when I'd finally realise he didn't deserve a girl like me. Or how could one forget The Metropean's skilled break up maneuvers (plus a look at the blogger I used to be, back in the day when it was referred to as The Facebook). I still get residual romantic goosebumps from that post. Even then it made me laugh; he spent as much time breaking up with me as I spent on him (not that I condone his behavior - but c'mon changing one's relationship status as a break up technique is funny!).

Sarcasm aside, there has recently been one romantic moment - it didn't even involve The Tone! (more on that later). Not Daniel and I were going to the city for dinner.

"Will you be totally disgusted with me if I eat meat?"

" probably won't kiss you though"

He looked disgusted. "Dude, just brush your teeth after."

As we were picking up food from the cafeteria at Melbourne Central - he actually was making a move to buy something vegetarian - it was written all over his face that he didn't want it - and that was enough for me, the fact that he would. So, it isn't flowers or any traditional pledge of romance. And maybe my standards are unbelieveable low (see above stories of gentlemanly valour), but he was going to sacrifice something for me and if that isn't romantic I am not sure what is.

I told him to adequately brush his teeth after his meal and go get a burger from Hungry Jacks.


  1. I've had those done to me. Well, not so much a breakup as an "it's complicated". So I called him up and said "let's make this uncomplicated: I'm done". LOL

  2. Well done!! You're so brave! With the phone - If only I was so brave with the phone (at least as brave as I am with exclamation points! I can't stop myself!)!

  3. you know i still love that facebook incident. it's just so unbelievably crazy.

    anyway, i have not seen your blog in a long time lj is dumb and doesn't do rss feeds right, and i have a new blog that i use more often anyway if you're interested in catching up on my random rants (which tend to be of the political variety of late, you should be thrilled you are no longer stateside and please tell me you registered absentee!)

    miss you tons dahling!

  4. I will definitely check out your new site! I know The Facebook incident is gold. Of course I registered absentee! I haven't gotten my ballot yet though - starting to get worried!