Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Mo-ses Premonition

Sometimes I think I have a sixth sense, which is perhaps only a sixth sense to me. Others probably simply call it common sense.

Dubs and I spent a week gallivanting around the east coast of Australia. We spent a couple of days in Sydney, and then a couple of days maxi yachting in the Whitsundays.

Our first day in Sydney, we saw that someone had dropped a camera. We picked it up off the ground and brought into the nearest shop front - a bank. We asked for pen, paper, and tape and made a sign to hang up on the nearest post where the camera had been dropped, just in case the people retraced their steps. Good juju would be ours! Karma and all that right?

Oh, juju - you are a finicky minx, an enigma wrapped in a maze, surrounded by labyrinth, encased in a conundrum.

Dubs and I spent a day in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. It was a two hour train trip out there, and Dubs was looking through her photographs of her trip when she accidentally deleted them all. Major Bummer.

Unfortunately, it was only the beginning of an epic day of bad luck.

As we got off the train, I stuck my camera, Mo-ses (all things close to my heart get a nickname, my car - Oliver, my laptop - NSM etc. etc.), into the side pocket of my backpack. As I got off the train, I had this intense feeling that I was going to lose my camera. A normal person would have then removed the camera from the side pocket and put it in a safer locale. Not wanting to be outdone by Dubs mistake, I left it there only to lose it a couple of hours later. Good juju, where are you?

We set about retracing our steps, we asked bus drivers to call each other and see if anyone picked it up, I called the chocolate shop where we visited, I went to the information center. It was late afternoon, and the buses were going to stop running. Dubs and I raced around a path that had taken us 40 minutes to walk earlier, in about 18 minutes. No Camera.

Good juju I thought we had something. I thought you recognised good deeds, I thought you understood me. But no! You are a wiley wench, juju. A fickle blurred representation of karma. Oh, juju, we had so much, and now look at me? A mere thread of the camera holding, picture taking person I once was.

Goodbye Mo-ses, may your new home be far more photogenic than your last! I hope, for yoursake, there are good photographers in your future. Ones who know all about your settings and your multitude of capabilities.

Kisses, Mo-ses!


  1. Is it weird that:

    1. I was kinda wondering why you hadn't posted. I love your street-view stories of australia, a country I've always dreamed of visiting and is my version of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? or is there another country with a melbourne and a sydney that i don't know of?...

    2. i got really depressed reading about Mo-ses. I do the same thing! My car is Dolores, my laptop is Condoleeza, and my blackberry is Mini-Me. (i feel a blog post coming on... thanks deidre!).

    oh, and salut, Mo-ses. May you have a drop-free future and be rewarded with 70 virgin lenses in that giant gadget drawer in the sky...

  2. 1. I am sure there are other countries with Melbourne's and Sydney's - but the one I currently reside in is Australia. And it is a magical mystery tour of awesome - much like I, also, imagine Willy Wonka's factory (although the Gene Wilder version...).

    2. Aw, so glad I helped with your blogreativitity! I am sad about Mo-ses too. But we had 3 good years together, I guess Mo-ses was ready to move on.