Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Overheard in the Tram

High school girl with ice cream cone: "Why do women have small feet....so they can stand closer to the sink."

High school girl friend: "uh, the bathroom sink?"

High school girl with ice cream cone: "No, the kitchen sink...it's a put-women-in-their-place joke"


  1. Also an argument as to why men have penises, so that there's that buffer that repels them from the kitchen sink.

    Which explains why I don't do dishes.

    Which explains why I have a fungus problem in my house.


  2. mmhmm...

    I thought you were a neat freak! The things I learn about you...

    But then why is the kitchen (and it's sink) an ideal space for men to grope their partners?

  3. You raise excellent points, counsel:

    1. I don't do dishes, but thankfully my cleaning lady kicks some serious dish ass... (that doesn't sound right)

    2. The fungus problem was some mold on a slice of whole wheat that the teddy bear didn't eat and hid behind a ficus.

    3. Hmmm... I'm thinking the washing of dishes is reminiscent of an ancient ritualistic mating dance: butt jutting out, hands spinning counterclockwise...


  4. In college calculus, we did a lab where we had to watch a piece of bread mold.

    mhmm, I see it the ritualisticness of the whole kitchen scene now - i've been enlightened!

  5. Hm. Many women don't have small feet. I should know. That's a put-jokes-in-their-place comment.

  6. I've heard rumours about women with big feet. And you know what they say about women with big feet? same sized stockings.