Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Routine

When Jess and I traveled together over the winter, I got to experience my country through the eyes of a tourist. I, generally, didn't like what I saw. But that's not really the point.

Our favorite part of traveling together was every night we would brush our teeth, wash our faces, and floss together. It was a last little moment out of our day together, and we would get to laugh over what we had that day, or sing Stayin' Alive on more time, or take a moment to be serious (ha!). We had a routine down, a well-oiled teeth brushing machine.

Now Jess and I often declare (no seriously...the number of times we've said this to each other is not to be believed) to each other "brushing my teeth is so BORING without you. It used to be FUN!!" Yes, it did.

Now when Jess decides to get toothpaste in her hair, I am (usually) not there to point and laugh gently point it out to her. Likewise, when I inevitably have a tooth paste accident and drool on my shirt, where is Jess?


  1. True friendship is a gift. Sounds like you and Jess are lucky to have found it...

  2. I don't KNOW! There is a you shaped hole in my heart.

  3. Anonymous: That's why we need to live together and get a cat and name it something fantastic like Ernie.