Saturday, November 29, 2008

100 things

When I started blogging, I didn't realise that at your 100th post it was customary to proceed with the 100 things meme. What a naive blogger I was. Then when I found out, I was already at my 323 post and I felt that the time had past. However, I am now at my 500th post, and it is nablopomo and I am running out of material. And thus I give you - 100 things about me.

  1. Most of those 500 posts are hidden from your viewing.
  2. I didn't realise when I first started writing this that my blog would ever find an audience outside of friends who I told to look at it.
  3. After the realisation, I removed most of the archives to protect these friends and myself.
  4. Thus, entered the nom de plume.
  5. When I was little, if my feet (for example) fell asleep I would say that they (my feet) felt dizzy.
  6. Sometimes, I still think that is the best definition for that particular feeling.
  7. I named my kitten after a character in Anne of Green Gables.
  8. Charlotta the 14.
  9. Although, since then it has evolved into Carlita.
  10. My family subconsciously chooses pets that have the same allergies we do.
  11. My dad has really itchy skin, particularly around his ears. My dog scratches his ears until they bleed.
  12. My pony has severe hay fever and is allergic to hay - I am allergic to one of my basic food groups too - wheat.
  13. Speaking of allergies, I am allergic to gold and nickel.
  14. And most recently, make-up.
  15. Last night I wore make up and my left eye is still swollen.
  16. I went to see a cover band last night, they played Sweet Home Alabama.
  17. It felt weird to be rocking it Alabama style in Australia.
  18. I know all the words to Sir Mix Alot's 'Baby Got Back' - I mean ALL the words.
  19. I know them because Bobo and I decided that we should know them and spent a good 2 hours listening to the song over and over again and typing out the lyrics.
  20. It was later pointed out to us that we could have googled them.
  21. I wouldn't give up the memory of us going "red beans and rice did miss her cannot honestly be the line" for a good 10 minutes for anything.
  22. Bobo and I first bonded while we were canoeing.
  23. We canoed around the lake and that sat by a dock and talked about how boys are stupid for the next hour.
  24. We've been besties ever since.
  25. That was 2002, I think?
  26. We also discovered our mutual love of Mac n Cheese.
  27. And undercooked brownies: gluten-free brownies.
  28. My theory on gluten-free is it's healthier because of its lack of gluten.
  29. My theory is wrong, but I believe it anyway.
  30. I played lacrosse in high school.
  31. I was the smallest member of the team freshman year.
  32. The goalie picked me up and threw me in a pond, in April, in New England.
  33. I was sick for over a week with lung issues/fevers.
  34. She never apologised.
  35. I obviously don't hold grudges.
  36. I have been to six proms.
  37. 5 of them at my own high school.
  38. 1 of them was a blind date to my friend's prom.
  39. I had a boyfriend at the time (of one week).
  40. I never have forgiven myself for starting the relationship with Boyfriend before I went on Blind Date.
  41. That's the only blind date I've ever been on.
  42. I want more of them.
  43. I secretly think my friends will pick out better guys for me than I will.
  44. The best gift I've ever given was I took my dad to see The Police in Montreal for his 60th bday.
  45. That trip will forever be marred by my horse's near death.
  46. Similarly, my trip to Turkey will be overcast by the parasites that had been residing in my tummy.
  47. Speaking of Turkey - there is an uncanny resemblance between Medusa and me.
  48. Also speaking of turkey, thanksgiving is one of my least favourite holidays.
  49. Although it is about spending time with family for me, I feel my family often loses sight of that and instead has 30 lbs of turkey (plus a ham) for 13 people 3 of which are vegetarians (for example).
  50. I get addicted to citrus.
  51. Before I stopped eating it, I would eat 3 to 4 grapefruits plus an orange (or three) per day.
  52. That much citrus is not good for one's skin.
  53. I still can't have one piece of citrus without wanting more.
  54. This is why I have not experimented with drugs.
  55. That and I am a control freak.
  56. I've never been drunk.
  57. I have been tipsy.
  58. Well, once - I've been tipsy once.
  59. It made me really depressed - while I was dancing! No one saw it coming.
  60. Kitchens are my favourite household area to dance in.
  61. My apartment here in Australia has too small of a kitchen to dance.
  62. So, I dance in the bathroom.
  63. And sometimes in the elevator.
  64. If I had the talent (and flexibility), I'd give up everything to be a dancer.
  65. Which is why I love anything dance-y: Musicals, JT, So You Think You Can Dance, and...
  66. Dance movies.
  67. I have no problem going to the movies alone.
  68. In fact, I kind of enjoy it.
  69. Going to dinner alone, on the other hand, totally freaks me out though.
  70. As does my "porn name."
  71. Coco Pettyboro.
  72. I am uncomfortable with sweaters as dresses.
  73. And formal shorts.
  74. I call these things "Uncomfortable starting a cheese"
  75. It's from a Mad About You episode because Paul has all these quirky things that he won't do, like being the first one to cut into a wheel of brie at a party.
  76. I have rules about men
  77. Like if they wear tighter pants than I do its a no go.
  78. Or a lower v-neck shirt than I sport.
  79. Or spend more time on their hair than I do with my own curly locks.
  80. I am reasonably certain I'll end up with a skinny jean wearing, v-neck toting, waxed chested, hair model.
  81. I don't wear jeans - ever.
  82. I fall in love with men who wear stripes on a daily basis.
  83. Drooling occurs if they wear plaid (stripes in all directions).
  84. The first year I had my license I got 6 flat tires.
  85. I am not strong enough to get the lugbolt things off of the tire by myself.
  86. I've always wanted to dabble in car mechanics.
  87. I like taking things apart.
  88. My dad and I take our old appliances apart together.
  89. If they aren't things like the toaster, we put them back together too.
  90. Bobo and I once took apart a camera.
  91. It electrocuted us both. Damn You Motherboard.
  92. My dad and I have far more bonding things that we do together than my mom and I do.
  93. Someday, I am going to have a garden like my mom's.
  94. Someday, I'll like gardening.
  95. I like planting and harvesting.
  96. It's the constant weeding and in between that I get bored with.
  97. I don't have the ability to draw without wanting it to be perfect.
  98. Which is why I don't draw.
  99. It is tradition in my family to give homemade gifts.
  100. I make homemade gifts for my niecephews - this year I am making place mats of the world with pictures of animals and us. So they know where I am.


  1. 1. Holy cow! Standing ovation for knowing ALL the words to "Baby Got Back". Standing ovation reduced to 2 claps for the 2 hours typing it out as opposed to 2 seconds on google. J/K! :P

    2. Never been roaring drunk? Again, holy cow!

    3. A world without Denim... what will you kids think of next? LOL! :P

  2. Haha - a) is how I impress the fellas b) is how I repel the fellas and c) is how I confuse the fellas.

  3. OK, first of all, if it's your 500th post, shouldn't you be writing a list of 500 things about you? HAHA!!

    OK, but seriously, this was one of the best lists of 100 things I've ever read. I love the style of this list. AND it wasn't BORING, like so many can be.

    Also? Is Baby Got Back the one that begins: "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."?

  4. Nanny Goats - Well, thank you! Oy, I can't imagine 500 things!

    Yes, Baby Got Back - does indeed start with "I like big butts..."

  5. Yay! That was great! I didn't know about the "100 things" rule either. I just thought it was a blog thing people did whenever the wanted - like a meme.

    500 posts! Congratulations! Good posts too my young friend. Lots of people post frequently - but it's... well, not good. (Recognizing none of us can produce a blog masterpiece every time, or even every fifth time. I think you know what I mean.)


  6. Chris - Thank you for your support! Haha, I totally know what you mean.

  7. That post reminded me of all the things I love about you!! I miss paddling and Pocahontas, under cooked gluten free brownies, and dissecting cameras :( Come back home!