Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dirty looks that rip off hair (ouch!)

Not going to lie, I have nothing to say about today. But I shall power through because its nablopomo and that's what you do (if it rhymes you know its true).

I think my leg waxer put the smack down on me today. She was all "why did you move here?...did you know anyone?" You know normal questions people ask me when they hear that I "sound like the television."

As she rips off another strip of hair, "do you want to stay here?"

"I'd love to, I just don't know if they will let me"

"You'll have to find some Australian Boy"

"I am trying" and then she gave me the dirtiest look all "wench how dare you steal my man" as if I was personally out to find her prince charming to keep for myself. All I am saying is there are more appropriate times to give people dirty looks than when they have their pants off and you are rolling hot wax onto their legs....or is there?


  1. Just be thankful you didn't say "oh yeah, I found one already, thanks. And you're... single?"

    She woulda dipped you in hot wax... *shudder

  2. Haha - yes, so true. I write that down on my list of inappropriate things to say to waxers ;)

  3. Just be glad you were only getting your legs waxed... think of the pain she could have put you through if you were getting *other* things waxed.


  4. That's really funny, I get that "you sound like television" thing too.

  5. Carmen - She did seem particularly keen on waxing "other" things after that comment...ouch!

    Florida Girl in Sydney - is that a pick up line? *sigh*

  6. Do you have an OB-GYN appointment soon? You might want to watch your mouth during THAT visit, too. I'm just sayin'.

    (saw your link in the BlogHer ads...)

  7. I think you might just want to brush up on your Australian accent.

    I'm just sayin'...

  8. Nanny Goats - good tip for the Ob/Gyn - i'll definitely be keeping my mouth closed about my boy seeking endeavours!

    Feathermaye - If I could brush up on my Australian accent I would but its a tricky one...