Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dreaming of...

A root beer float.

It is 32 degrees here today (that is in C). In other words, it is bloody hot. And I could do with a cold (root) beer. But even better if it was in a big cup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. I love the way the carbonation and the ice cream combine into this smooth yet frothy embrace in my mouth. The smoothness of the root beer with little pops of flavour on my tongue.

The other part of this fantasy is that Australia does not know about root beer, nay they do not appreciate root beer, which is fine because I don't understand Vegemite and I am in position to judge anyone about food. I've lived here for nearly a year and have yet to find root beer, until, ironically enough, I was on the mission for canned black beans and I entered an Asian market where they just happened to sell root beer. Mugs, but people-in-nations-without-root-beer can't be choosy.

I am hoping tomorrow that my favourite gelati joint will give me a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a giant smoothie cup which I will then fill to the brim with root beer, excuse me, I think I need to take a moment. I like it when dreams come true.


  1. Okay, Deedee. Deds. Mamma D. Vitamin D. D or no D (thats pushing it).

    "...smooth yet frothy embrace in my mouth". That is what she said, my friend.

    Thank you, and goodnight!

  2. hehe, I know - I giggled when I wrote it.

  3. This made my mouth water soooo bad. LOL!

    Now I want a root beer float!

  4. Do they have root beer in Manila?

    I hope so! Go make your dreams come true!