Monday, November 17, 2008

Finicky with a side of picky perfectionist, please?

I'm looking for a job. A summer job that perhaps will be so much fun and I'll be so wonderful at they will want me to work during the school year. I am looking for part time. I am looking so that this summer, while everyone else I know (approximately 3 people) have jobs and things to do, I will not be drastically bored.

In my mind, my dream summer job is a group of really fun individuals working in some off beat quirky clothing store, record store, video store. The realist in me knows it isn't necessary possible...but I am a dreamer. Oh oh! Or working as an administrative assistant (who doesn't need to use the phone) *sigh* at a yoga studio where I can take yoga and pilates classes for FREE! Or a dog walker - with super cute Saint Bernards or Spaniels who behave impeccably on leashes and play frisbee in the park!

Hire me?

But here is the thing, no one wants to hire me. No one. Not only is my dream summer job disappearing in the distance, but ANY summer job seems unlikely. I've sent out a eleventy billion resumes and cover letters to a vast variety of different job opportunities ranging from jewellery sales clerk to waitress to smoothie concoctrous to administrative assistant. No one wants me.

I can't really blame them. I have no "real" work experience. At MHC I cannot imagine juggling a job with (home)working while I was there, I was so crazed with homework and hating myself that there was not a moment to spare! I had summer jobs, but nothing impressive, I didn't work at Starbucks or waitress or work at a clothing store (apparently those are the useful jobs). I worked at bookstores and canvassed! There has been a total of six months where I haven't been in school and then I worked three jobs: I had an internship with a not-for-profit, I babysat for the Wee-est of All Men (Weebbet!), and I was a liquor store clerk. It is not an impressive resume. Trust me.

Hire me?

Everyday I tell Jess no one wants me. She is very patient and supportive.

Today, I, again, hit the pavement and handed out resumes on Lygon Street, a delightful street filled with restuarants and little stores. I went into one restaurant and gave them my resume. They told me to come in tomorrow(!) for a trial and to wear all black. I said I would.

After I walked out of the store, I was swept over with a dislike for the owner of the restaurant, and how much I really do not want to work as a waitress.

Can I afford to be this picky? It is the first time someone has shown interest in hiring me and now I am dissing them? Seriously?

After weighing the options of being depressed because I don't have a job and therefore must spend my time lying on the beach eating peaches or being depressed because I have a job I hate....

I am now working up the courage to call and apologise to them to tell them that I just can't make it tomorrow, or ever.


  1. Life is too short for a job you hate, trust me. Been there, done them.

    As for potential jobs, how about calling up Mike Rowe about doing an Australia season and you can be his assistant! I would SOOO totally do that.

  2. Yeah, is that the job version of the Oscar Wilde quote? "life is too short to dance with ugly men" AMEN Oscar, AMEN.

    Mike Rowe would be SWEET. or the mythbusters!