Sunday, November 23, 2008

Glittery Lip Gloss=The Cat's Meow

Some stuff has been going down which has left me reminiscing of the days of yore when I had a different set of people who helped me clean up the pieces of my awkwardness.

See, there were these boys. I transferred into their school when I was 10. I was a grade above them, but only slightly older than them.

There is something about friends who have known who we were in the most awkward stages of life. These boys who stood by me when I thought that glittery lip gloss was the bees knees, nylon umbro shorts were a staple in my wardrobe, and in 8th grade when my social circle fell apart they accepted me into theirs.

I dated one of these boys in high school and one of them in college.

College Boy had me in this balancing act where he knew just what to say to comfort me, followed by one quick blow that made me feel like the biggest dweeb. Eventually, messy relationships ended in messy break ups which resulted in me having to remove myself from our web of infatuation and hurt.

I guess what I am saying, inarticulately, is at this moment I miss them and our childhood familiarity.


  1. That feeling - of missing them and anything to do with childhood familiarity - will return throughout your life. I still experience it at times...