Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help me!

So, if you had to spend the next two and half days locked in your room writing an essay, what music would you be jamming to?

Would you be kicking it old school with Marvin Gaye? Or would you be boppin' to Beyonce? Would you be tapping the keys to Men at Work or would you be making it work (make it work, work) with Fergie?

I've been listening to Itunes on shuffle for the past week, and I am sick of having to skip all the songs that are not proper study tunes (Sorry, Nina Simone you ain't cutting it). And thus, I am on the mission to build the ultimate essay play list (don't worry this isn't a procrastination measure - I'll be doing creating on scheduled study breaks).

Help me!


  1. I cannot help you. It's been years since I was in college, but I always required quiet to concentrate. Many of my friends were able to think and create with music playing. Not me.

    If I had to choose anything, to study or "work" to, it would be soft, classical.

    Sorry. I'm no fun and no help. Good luck!

  2. I usually have Sarah Mclachlan or Etta James.

    I'm an old soul is what I am. Need balm for my soul-joints.

  3. Chris - I hear ya. My mom is the same way. Classical is good.

    Demigod - Etta James is brilliant. Thank ye kindly.