Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kisses Nablopomo

Today is the last day of (Inter)National Blog Posting Month. The hardest thing about posting everyday is not coming up with material, but appropriately censoring the material I come up with.

It would be easy to write about conversations or liplocks or that one time a boy started taking off his clothes in my apartment and when I asked him why he blamed my shoes (true story), but those stories aren't for public consumption.

I've been staring at the blinking curser for minutes now and I still have no clever way to introduce this topic. So, insert witty segue here. Not Daniel and I broke up. There I said it. The details aren't important - I am pretty sure it was clear to us both that we weren't right for each other.

That however was not clear to Mystery Man yesterday. I went to see Australia yesterday, by myself (I was overwhelmingly disappointed in Kidman's performance - I blame her overuse of botox; however, Hugh Jackman's chest and abs more than made up for Kidman's lack of facial movement). I was wearing a brown scarf as a head band because my hair was being particularly unruly. As I left the complex and was about to cross the street I heard someone repeatedly say "I'll trade ties with you." Now, I didn't turn around because, well, I wasn't wearing a tie.

But Mystery Man was persistent. "Oy, I'll trade ties with you" as I turned around to see if someone was really shouting at me as I approached a crosswalk, Mystery Man got right up in my face and said "Seriously, I'll trade with you."

"That's um, nice. But no thanks. Yours is lovely [it wasn't], but um, see, no"

"I really like yours"

"Well uh, thanks"

*long stare*

"What do you think is going to happen here? Is this you hitting on me? How do you see this proceeding? Does this work for you? Do women fall for this? Should I take off my clothes? Do you want my number? Do you have a follow up line that involves sweeping off my feet? Because let me tell ya fella, I am not wooed. Peace Out"

Okay, you win. I didn't say that.


  1. 1. ZOMFG! You and Not Daniel? Over? *sighs and internet hugs. :(

    2. Rolling on the floor pissing my pants laughing out loud RE: Kidman-face-botox-jackman-absofsteel. You're so witty!

    3. ZOMFG! You and Not Daniel? Over? *sigh

    4. Creepy man... is creepy.

    5. Congratulations on completing NaBloPoMo! I was so close, but stuff happened, sh*t got stolen. *sigh

    6. ZOMFG! Not Daniel. *hugs

  2. I agree with Burn - "Creepy man... is creepy".

    Sorry about the breakup. Really.

    I can't believe any of you bloggers did Nablopomo. I still don't get it. You are one of the few who did a VERY good job of keeping it smart and entertaining, and short when necessary.

    So, "Kisses Nablopomo, and kisses Not Daniel." It's okay.

  3. The Demigod - Thank you! Remember if you write a post about why you couldn't complete Nablo - you could still win a prize! (just needs to be posted by the 30th) - I think you could totally win for someone hacking down your door.

    Chris - Aw, thanks! You're right! Kisses and good riddance to both! Well - until nablo next year...

  4. Sorry to hear about the break-up, they suck even when you know they're for the best. Hugs and good riddances as appropriate!

    And I hate when creepy guys are creepy, especially when I am still polite for reasons I don't understand later. What *did* that guy expect?

  5. Erin - Thanks, they do suck regardless of if they are "for the best" or not.

    I don't know, are there girls that are swept off their feet by creepiness?

  6. Who is Daniel? How out of the loop am I?

    Also, I liked Australia and Nicole Kidman... Ok not gonna lie it might be because I am partial to her to begin with... But I do agree the Botox was a bit much and what happened to her lips - swollen lips != sexy (according to me anyway)

  7. Rhea - Not Daniel is the guy I had been seeing for the past 6 months :-)

    I love Baz, but preema and I both blame our distaste for Kidman on the time you made us go see Bewitched ;) haha