Saturday, November 15, 2008

Optimism as a revolutionary act

When I went home in June, I brought back a bunch of my dvds. Movies I've seen ten catrillion times and always to want to watch again. Movies like "Little Miss Sunshine" and tv shows like "freaks and geeks."

And most importantly, movies with John Cusack. I love him. "Say Anything..." and "A Sure Thing" are pure gold. Last night I watched Say Anything. And then this morning, I noticed that in the commentary John (we're on a first name basis), Ione (Skye), and Cameron (Crowe) are all involved. Well, that means I clearly had to watch it, yet again, with the commentary. John wanted to play Lloyd as someone who makes optimism a revolutionary act - how precious is that? Holy Moses, I love him - the end. This brings us to....

Top Five Desert Island Favourite John Cusack Movies

5) Bullets Over Broadway
4) A Sure Thing
3) Say Anything...
2) Being John Malkovich
1) High Fidelity


  1. I LOVE John Cusack too. We're building a bridge between the generation gap, one brick at a time. Yay and Holy Moses!

    Glad you enjoyed watching your movie... Sounds nice.

  2. I'm just starting to fall in love with John... The only movies I've seen thus far are Serendipity are Identity.

    And I loved him in both!

  3. I meant Serendipity AND Identity

  4. Chris - I am glad we are finding more and more things in common!

    Demigod - Oh, well, wait until you see his actually *good* movies ;)...Runaway Jury is pretty fantastic too. But High Fidelity is Numero Uno with moi!