Monday, November 10, 2008

Prompt me, baby.

So, I have been looking for a good writing prompt for today, because I haven't done anything but work on my (last!) essay this morning. And there are only so many whiney-homework posts a girl can take, you know? So, I came upon this site.

My first pet, eh? Well, my first pet was a gray cat named Coco. She was 17 when she died, I was 13. When I cried as a child, Coco would be there instantaneously to lick the salty tears off my face. If I went on a walk in the woods, she would follow me. She liked canteloupe juice, and would lick any melon that was left out. We would always save her the rinds.

My next pet, you ask? I desperately want a dog. I'd settle for cat, but I really want a puppy - some kind of black lab/aussie shepherd/rottweiler mutt. But if I can't have that, a werewolf. See, a werewolf is convenient because it would, I presume, be Mr. Right and Mr. Puppy, Mr. Pruppy if you will. Think of the convenience. No house training! No chewing on my shoes! And, when he got too annoying I could just send him outside, regardless of the weather or the fact that I do not have a yard. Plus, I am not allowed to have a puppy in my apartment, problem solved! It's a genius plan, and totally plausible, shhh - let me bask in denial.