Sunday, November 02, 2008

The these-are-my-grumpypants rant

Today started off not grumpy. I woke up. I showered (I know - that picture isn't bedhead, but just how my hair dries - It's a magical mystery tour). I went to Queen Vic's Market for some fruits and veggies. A group of guys even checked me out and not in a like oh-my-god-she-left-the-house-with-such-extreme-bedhead kind of way. But in HOT-Da-AMN-check-out-her-nonexistent-ass kind of way, and that my friends, never happens. The nice guy at the fruit stand gave me two apples for free, I am holding my nonexistent ass accountable.

But then I got on a tram with 400 people, and then I got a little cranky. And then I walked into my apartment and I wasn't pleased. I am grumpy. Stupid people are e-mailing me, telling me I need to footnote what a Kilotonne means. Seriously? Honestly? You're in masters program and you don't know what a kilotonne is? Sad. My roommate wants me to lug a microwave around because she is too lazy to do it. And honestly, I don't even WANT a microwave. Of all the appliances in the world - microwaves aren't a top priority for me. A food processor - that'd be nice! A blender - awesome! A Kitchen-aid in avocado green - sign me up! A cast iron pan - Yes, please! A microwave - meh!


  1. I'd like a Kitchen-aid too, although not sure about the avocado green.

    Your hair's fantastic! Wish I could give you some of ass - I've got a bit to spare.

    Cheer up Bunny Rabbit - microwaves are great. Go get it!

  2. Oops. I didn't meant to only type "c" - it's not my new handle or anything...

  3. I'd free-cycle some ass, I seriously would.

    The worst kitchen decision I made was buying a microwave before a food processor. *sigh

    Want me to put some kind of voodoo shnitz on the roommate? LOL

  4. Chris - Well, thank you. I know microwaves have their bonuses. But they are also heavy - and I am weak.

    Oh Demigod - some voodoo shnitz eh? Maybe! I'll keep you in the know.

  5. I'm with c I can give you some of mine! I NEVER get free apples!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)