Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An unhealthy relationship (with pink)

I have not liked pink since I was 9. My friend Mia and I used to argue over which was better pink or purple, it didn't really matter. It's not like we had a firm stance, it was mostly just so we could argue. Since then, it has been a steadfast hatred of all things pink. Pink seemed girly and screamed of ditzy cheerleaders to me.

In recent years, the hate has dwindled, the grudge is gone. And I am left with a firm respect for the colour as well as a need to keep my distance.

Something disturbing has occurred in my life. Something so unimaginable that I am not even sure I know who I am any more.

It started with this shirt from Anthropologie (that I bought like 5 years ago). I reasoned that it was classic but with a hint of ridiculous which kind of defines my sense of style anyway. Plus, it was the only pink think in my wardrobe. (Dubs, Moi, and Jess)

Then, it moved on to these sunglasses. (that'd be Jess jess and me!)

Next, it was my peach atrocity. When I bought the phone, I asked if I could have it in peach and the sales assistant looked at me like I was cracked "you mean the pink one?" No, I meant the PEACH one.

Now, I lost my camera about a month and a half ago. Also known as the devastating loss of Mo-ses. On Sunday, I marched over to a camera store with the intent of purchasing a new one and after carefully weighing my options and cradling Olympus models, Canon models, and Nikon Models in my hands. I made a choice to get Nikon S210. It felt good in my hand, it had all the features that I wanted in a camera, and it was cheap!

The only one left...was pink. So if you're looking for me, I am the girl chatting on her peach phone, with pink sunglasses, a pink shirt, and taking photos with my pink camera. Oy Vey.


  1. I'm SO glad you weren't talking about Pink, because I kinda dig her. Makes me feel cool for an older gal.

    Your hair is FANTASTIC! Pink, peach, whatever - that hair is adorable.

    Now do your homework Honey.


    (In my hyperventilating-ly pink scream)

  3. Chris - haha have you heard the redman pink remix of Sweet dreams? good stuff! And thank you - that picture was taken on one of its (my hair's) better days!

    Demigod - pink overload? I hear ya.

  4. Nonsense. No such thing as pink overload.

    phonetically (and gayly) speaking: