Friday, November 14, 2008

We need a mediator, we can't do it alone.

Dear Yoga,

I miss you. It's been tough since I left the land of Moho. We've had to have a break. But I miss the way you made me feel. The way I could nearly put my feet behind my head, and how I could lay my chest upon my thighs. You did that to me yoga.

You are the longest relationship I ever had, 3 years of time we spent together. I saw you 5-6 times a week. We were inseparable. Remember that time I got a huge cramp in my hip - ah, the good times.

You made me grow an inch from stretching and better posture. I feel like I am shrinking now.

I tried to work on our relationship alone, but I am afraid we need a mediator. Someone to tell you when you're being too hard on me and someone to tell me stop being a wuss and embrace the pain.

Kisses Yoga, I'll come back to you soon.



  1. Go back - I hate to see a failed relationship that had a solid foundation.

    You really grew an inch?

  2. *GASP!

    You yoga too! That's so cool! Yeah, it's hard not to be part of a class or have a yoga teacher around. I totally agree.

    But I'm surprised there aren't any where you are. Or is it that uni is takin you down? :P

  3. Chris - I did. I was not quite 5'4, and now I am not quite 5'5! It was pretty crazy. Unfortunately my feet didn't grow ;(

    Demigod - There are tons of classes, but I had one yoga teacher for 3 years and I loved her - I found it really hard to be part of a class without her. Plus classes here are expensive (20 bucks for 45 minutes!! uh, no thanks)....But its time to do more research...

  4. Dude, I totally understand your yogaddiction. I've been undergoing yogification for the past three years. I've always loved it, but now I can say I finally *get* it: body and mind. I've never done it alone. Sounds like I should keep it that way?...

  5. Nicole - Sometimes I would supplement doing yoga alone while i was doing classes - but its hard to keep motivated to have it as your only practice!