Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Got Here How?

People google all kinds of crazy things. Occasionally some of those silly things land them here, in the land of a gluten-free vegetarian with Jew in her hair.

Here are a few of the searches:

"they just hatin on you cuz your dope" - That is most likely true.

"I can feel my heart beat in my stomach" - There are some large blood vessels and such running through there...

"Betty Boop Hair Cutting Capes" - I don't know what a hair cutting cape is...is the cape wielding the scissors?

"aching womb" - I am sorry.

There are about ten variations of "pee" and "fear" that lead people here. My favourites are "pee in plastic pants" (reason 439 that you shouldn' wear plastic pants...) and "peeing down her pant leg" (yikes) the rest are kind of your run of your mill "fear of peeing pants" (who doesn't have this fear really?).


  1. People found me via

    "Weapons of Ass Destruction"

    lovely. My mom would be so proud.

  2. Haha - Classy! as she should be! Now that is funny!

    Today someone found me at "plastic pants" - don't plastic pants just seem awkward?