Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in the land down undah (where the women go and men plundah)

First of all, I was right. Spending Christmas with Lauren and her family was every bit as memorable as the many snowy Christmases spent in New England.

Christmas holidays and the beach? What kind of crazy world is this? hello? Do you speaka my language, he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.

Lauren, who is gluten free too, let me create a gluten free disaster dessert. And to put flour all over her face (she started it!).

Are you ready gluten-free disasters?

mmmm, tough, doughy, dense pastry - TASTY.

How cute are we?

Happy Holidays!


  1. My word, Santa must LOVE coming down undah to deliver presents. What it all being beachy and all.

    Doughy, chewy, dense pastry looks delish.

    Cuteness the hair!

  2. Indeed, he leaves his velour red suit in the sleigh and rocks up in a red swim suit (I just pictured santa in a speedo and am now scarred for life...)

    Thanks, Burn!

  3. I think my favorite photo is of the gluten free mess. mmmm mmm tasty?

  4. oh god the gluten free life! i have gone gluten less. as in still having some but when i do i pay for it. my Celiac was neg but i react to breads very quickly with fatigue, headache, facial and hand swelling, IBS and achy places.

    you guys ARE so cute. :)