Sunday, December 07, 2008

The day is near

I am a country bumpkin. Cities scare me. I am now living in a city.

My inner monologue is known for its vivid imagine and verbal diarrhoea. Sometimes my imagination is so vivid and my inner monologue is so verbose I actually can't distinguish if I've said or done something out loud or not. This is cause for concern for two reasons. One, because one of the things that frightens me the most about city-living are the people that talk loudly to themselves in public. A ranting woman on the tram is enough to make me locate my nearest exit, sidle up to a strong looking person, and turn down my Ipod so I can hear the rant more easily and assess the situation further. And two, because it means I am a couple of steps away from this (which by the way is pretty much exactly how I dance (both Baby's moves and Ally's) minus the move at about 1:01):

Anyway I've digressed, normally said screaming person is usually just a little loony. I shouldn't judge because the way my innards work this could be me in about 5 years.

Yesterday, I took the train to see Jess. As I got off at my stop, I traipsed up the ramp of the station passed an elderly man who was grumbling a bit to himself and continued merrily on my way. As I breezed passed him, the mumbling became slightly more enunciated and louder. Until "That young lady walks fast! I can't keep up" was clearly shouted out to the platform. And then I laughed, I think?


  1. If you dance like Ally and Baby - you dance perfectly!

    Inner monologue and imagination are fabulous - but it's a short trip to the carazy. (I travel between the fabulous and the carazy myself.)

    I just laughed. I think.

  2. Chris - Thank you, I learned all my moves by dancing with my mother in the kitchen ;)

    Haha oh goodness, yes soon I'll be commuting to the carazy for sure!