Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goal for Citzenship

Whenever I meet a new Australian friend or waxer one of their first questions is always "do you want to stay here" and my answer is always "YES! But, I don't know if I'll be able or if my family would let me." "If my family will let me" is code for "if I'd be able to move, permanently, 15000 miles away from my family and only be able to see them at most once a year."

My newest plan to achieve citizenship is clearly to meet Mr. Right and marry him. Easy peasy, right? I mean how hard can it be? If Whitney from The Hills, I watch it on the internet because I love it so I heard it from a celebrity news watch website, can meet an Australian in New York City and fall into smittenhood. I think I should be able to meet an Australian in Australia, yeah?


  1. You give me hope that I will one day find a Scotsman in Scotland to marry... provided I ever get over there to do the searching.

    Oh yeah... and I already have dual citizenship with the UK... so it isn't about that - it is really all about the accent.


  2. I hear ya. I am also wooed by the accent (Australian or Scottish)...There is hope. Although take hope from Whitney too - perhaps you'll find a Scotsman in Canada?

  3. Absolutely! There are oodles of Aussie men just ripe for the pickin' I'm certain. If you don't bring an Aussie home to Mama, I might have to say, you didn't really want one... (that's supposed to fuel your fire Missy)

  4. HAHA - thanks Chris; I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled.

    If I don't bring an Aussie home - I am firing myself from being in charge of my love life.

  5. HAHA! Oh, I know this is an old entry but you and I are so much alike! I love your blog. So glad you came across mine! :) Great to know there is at least one fellow New Englander in Melbourne.