Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let us virtually light the Menorah

Since this year is my first year away from my family, I thought it would be apt to go buy a menorah for myself. When my brother had is first child four years ago, I bought him a menorah at target (classy). So, I decided that perhaps target was my best bet here in Australia. After wandering around the store for a while I finally saw an employee I could ask for help.

"Do you sell menorahs?"



She stares at me blankly.

"The Jewish candle holder for Hanukah" - I then held up eight fingers pressed together - as if that would explain the whole thing, clearly the international sign for menorah.

"Um, no."

"Do you know where I could get one?"


Later that day I saw four men in an elevator wearing yarmulkes. My fingers itched to tap one of them on the shoulder and ask them wear I could purchase a menorah - but even I, the knight of awkward, couldn't handle that conversation.

Instead on the first night of Hanukah, Jess and I celebrated by making latkes slathered in apple sauce (which they keep by their barbecue sauce and ketchup, confusing!) and sour cream. As it got dark, at like 9 pm, I lit a candle in my imagination said the prayer and gave thanks for the light. It wasn't how I imagined it, but it is nearly as good.


  1. I think you should go out and get 8 seven-day candles (the tall, cheap candles in glass, usually adorned with a Catholic saint and available virtually everywhere), in blue and white and ignite. Almost the same? ;)

    Hope your Hanukkah is happy. (Did I spell that right?)


  2. Happy Hanukkah.

    I've had times where I asked for Hanukkah stuff at a shop and got weird looks. I guess it all depends on which neighborhood you're in!

  3. From what I understand about Hanukkah is that you can spell it anyway you'd like (hilarious song by the LeeVees about spelling it actaually ;)

    Sandra - I thought about buying candles, but it just didn't seem right - you know?

    Dina - Happy Hanukkah! definitely, I've been contemplating going down to the Jew 'hood, but even there I am not sure where to go. oh well. next year!

  4. Well this is just heart-breaking! *Sob

    I'm not exactly the postergay for religious celebrations, but I'll be the first person to fight for being spiritual and celebrating traditions.

    Hugs, Deidre! I hope you find a menorah for the next few Hannukah nights. At the very least it's the thought that counts, yes?

    Happy Hannukah!

  5. hahaha - postergay, HI-lar-ious.

    Burn, I am going with the thought at the moment. It's a wee bit sad, but I am okay with that :)

  6. Happy Hanukkah! (great post.....you totally should've tapped the fella's!!!)