Monday, December 08, 2008

Scategory Categories

Tonight Jess, Alana (Jess's sister), and I planned scategories, sort of. We didn't have the actual game so we began by making up our categories. It started off tame: country, city, entity in fridge, appliance, etc.

But like all good fun, the categories quickly evolved into: two foods that don't go together, deal breakers in relationships, and exclamations.

This lead me to believe that we should have bloggers scategories, yeah? Here's the thing, I am a little embarrassed to try this in the comments because whenever I attempt anything interactive zero people read my blog that day (tres tragique!). But I am, usually, not a quitter. So, let's see if this will work.

How to play:
I'll make a list of categories the first commenter has two minutes (the honour system at work) to write down an answer, if they can think of one, to each category beginning with the letter 'A.' The second commenter has two minutes to write down an answer to each category beginning with the letter 'B.' The third commenter is 'C' and so on. Got it?


1. Capital Cities (of states or nations)
2. Authors (first or last name)
3. Things found in the junk drawer
4. Pet Peeves
5. Bad names (example, Mavis)
6. Things that should not ever be tattoos
7. TV character (please cite which show)
8. Musical group
9. Two foods (that each begin with your letter) that go WELL together (example pineapple and papaya)


  1. 1. Anchorage, Alaska
    2. A.A. Milne
    3. Anderwear? Wait no, aardvarks. Wait no, an awl
    4. Aaachooo-ing without a hanky. Or Animals in Clothes (including ANderwear)
    5. Agatha
    6. Acorns
    7. Arthur Fonzarelli (Happy Days!)
    8. Abba
    9. Apples and Ankles. Wait no, Apples and Arugula (Waldorf Salad)

  2. My goodness that was tougher than I thought it would be.

  3. Well done, Burn! Aaachoo-ing without a hanky is pure genius. Abba is always an appropriate answer! To Anything ;) (Apples and Arugula = YUM)

  4. 1). Bangor, Maine
    2). Ben Franklin
    3). Bolts
    4). Beeping your horn while driving.
    5). Boris
    7). Bing, Chandler. Friends.
    8). Ben Folds Five
    9). Blueberries and Brownies

  5. Bobo - Boris is truly awful. Well done.

    And you're so right. Butts SHOULD NEVER be a tattoo.

  6. OMG. Totally fixating on BORIS. I can't stop laughing.


    That is all.




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  8. 1. Canberra, Australia
    2. Lewis Carroll
    3. Crap
    4. Cat hair
    5. Cedric
    6. Candycanes
    7. Chachi (sorry - had to steal the Happy Days show)
    8. CCR
    9. cheese and cake (although I know that really is only one word... but I am stretching the rules)

    And yes... I deleted a post since I forgot to answer one of the questions... I am blaming my lack of fluids or something like that :)

  9. Carmen - stretching the rules is allowed! Well done with Cedric - DEFINITELY an unfortunate name.

  10. E?? I got EEEE???
    1. Eureka??? cummings
    3. erasers
    4.elastic pants that don't elasticize ANYMORE
    5. Eurethra (haaa)
    6. EEEEEEWWWWWW. or a urethra
    7. Eyore or Ed Sullivan or Ed McMahon
    8. Everclear
    9. Eggs and eggs.
    jesus, I HAD to get E.

  11. Vodka Mom - Actually, I think you were suppose to be D (A,B,C,D?...) But WELL DONE with E. Eurethra is pure genius! :-) Thanks for playing

  12. I was unsure of whether to go back to D or move on to F... I decided on F.

    1. Funafuti, Tuvalu
    2. Frank Herbert
    3. Fans (I have one in my junk drawer now for some reason)
    4. "Frick!" - Elliot Reid on Scrubs
    5. Fantasia
    6. Fudd, Elmer (and other cartoon characters)
    7. Felix Gaeta (Battlestar Galactica... the new one... yes I'm a nerd)
    8. Franz Ferdinand
    9. Fried chicken and French fries

  13. F was a good choice Emma. 'frick' is a pet peeve, eh? I find it strangely endearing. Have you seen the episode with the giant pencil?

  14. G can suck it.

    1. Geneva
    2. Graham Greene (double points!)
    3. Gas and Utilities Bills
    4. Grievous Chest Waxing
    4(b). Grimshaw, Tracy "The Grimace"
    5. God
    6. Gangrene
    7. Garbage Man #2 (Everybody Loves Raymond)
    8. Genesis
    9. Grapefruit and Gelato

  15. 1. Honolulu
    2. Hemingway
    3. Headphones
    4. Humping
    5. Hurbert
    6. Head lice
    7. Heffalump (Winnie the Pooh)
    8. Hinder
    9. Hotdogs and Hamburgers

  16. 1. Indianapolis, Indiana
    2. John Irving
    3. Ink pens
    4. Ice chewers
    5. Iago
    6. Ingrown toenail
    8. Ingram Hill
    9. Irish coffee and ice cream

  17. 1. Jakarta, Indonesia
    2. Jenkins, Jennifer "World Englishes"
    3. junk
    4. jostling
    5. Jehosephat
    6. jugs (aka breasts)
    7. J. Johan Jameson (Spiderman)
    8. Jack Johnson
    9. JIF (peanut butter) and jelly

    others for #2 John (the bible) and Jefferson, Thomas

  18. 1. Jakarta, Indonesia
    2. Jenkins, Jennifer "World Englishes"
    3. junk
    4. jostling
    5. Jehosephat
    6. jugs (aka breasts)
    7. J. Johan Jameson (Spiderman)
    8. Jack Johnson
    9. JIF (peanut butter) and jelly

    others for #2 John (the bible) and Jefferson, Thomas