Friday, December 19, 2008

The Seven Things You Never Needed to Know Post That Will Move the Dreaded Feelings Post Down the Page

Yellaphant has requested to know more things about me. I doubt there are more things besides those 100 things I already wrote about. But if Bridget wants more who am I to say no?

1. I have never been bowling. There comes a time in a person's life where I think it is too late to begin bowling. For me, that time is now. However, I still greatly enjoy bowling movies. The Big Lebowski is obviously awesome.

2. I had bowel movement this morning - it's the first one in a week. This isn't unusual or particularly usual. I feel this is possibly an overshare.

3. I am a terrible stalker. I want to marry meet James Blake. James Blake is coming to Melbourne for the Australian Open. I think, am pretty sure, they - the tennis players - stay at Crown. And yet, I can not find him - two years of scouting and nary a sight of the tres sexy Ja-mes.

4. When it comes to following directions, I am actually quite the cartoonist.

5. I have a theory about boys and curly hair. Boys are scared of it. If I go out to a bar and wear my hair down - boys don't hit on me. If I go out to a bar and wear my hair up - they do. If I straighten my hair the fellas love it. Perhaps this is because I have truly ridiculous hair, which at this moment needs to be cut. But I am going to wait until after new years. There are rumours that Lauren wants to try straightening my mane in which case premature cutting would ruin the look, no?
This is me with straight hair (with Annie) in 2006.

This is my hair about 2 months ago.

6. Despite my theory, I love my hair.

7. For the last three days I've had Sean Kingston's song Beautiful Girls stuck in my head. This is all I have to say about that...its got me suicidal....beeaauutifuuul giirls, crikey. This is following about a week when I was home in June and had James Blunt's You're Beautiful stuck in my head. In summation, I declare that no song should have 'beautiful' in the chorus until men can sing it without whining.

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you'd like to participate please do as I am dying to find out seven overshares, theories, or quirks about you!


  1. I always wear my hair straight or curled with an iron - when I let it do it's naturally curly thing people are like WHOA! It's hilarious.

    I totally agree re: whiny boys singing, enough already!

  2. Alice - indeed! enough with the whining fellas. When I brush my hair people are like - whoa - but I haven't touched my hair with any implement in years which has minimised the whoa factor dramatically.

  3. Nice! I love oversharing! And also, sometimes I really wish I had curly hair because than at least I would have the option of straightening it. Mine's just plain ole' straight.

  4. One bowel movement a week???

    I love the hair too. It's fabulously curly. But that pic with the straightness and the big hoopies is FEEEEEEEYAHZ.

    I had that Sean Kingston ring tone go off in the middle of firing someone, and it started with "you've got me suicidal".... maybe I should check up on that person.

    One bowel movement a week??



  5. Congrats on the bowel movement.

    I liked your post title!

  6. Bridget - but think of all the lovely sleek updoes you can do!

    Burn - I know, only one, not always. Thank you - I lost those 'hoopies' - sad day.

    Dina - Thank you!

  7. A healthy colon is the key to TOTAL health. We can discuss this privately, if and when you choose.

    I've had the "Yordie Yordie" song as my brainworm for the past three days. Thanks.

    Your hair is beautiful. I'm glad you realize that.

  8. Chris I am so sorry about the yordies they're catchy, I hope that you shortie george-ing along?

  9. one a week? I'm miserable if a skip a day, let alone 7! And, I dig your curls. Mine is this maddening in between wavy bs and wont hold a full curl or lay straight, even if i punish it with chemicals