Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Vignette 1:

Yesterday, I was having a hot day. You know where everything is working for you. Skin: clear - check; hair: big and crazy - check and check; outfit: flattering - check (pencil skirts are cute!). I was feeling good about myself.

I went to the city because I heard that Target was having a $10 bra sale. I am sadly lacking the bra department in part because I refuse to spend large sums of money on such tiny garments. Anyway, after trying on 5 different bras only to have not a single one fit me I felt utterly disproportioned. At home, I march myself into Victoria's Secret pluck a bra off the shelf that is in my size and purchase the new delicate item. I have never had my self esteem plunge so quickly as it did in that Target dressing room. I don't talk about my body issues a lot because no one likes to hear the petite girl complain. I am 5'5 and weigh 110 lbs, but like everyone there are things I am obviously uncomfortable with. I wish my stomach was flatter and capable of digesting food, my chin more defined, my thighs leaner, my ankles were more shapely, and don't get me started on my very small but square foot-blocks. I fit into a pair of Lauren's 10 year old cousin's shoes.

Vignette 2:

Today is the eve of the new year. I have been stressing out about what I am going to do for the new year for a couple of days. I had this feeling that how I celebrate the on coming new year will set the tone and actions for 2009. There are all these trailers for that new Jim Carey movie "Yes Man" on tv these days. Have you seen them? I am embarrassed to say that the trailers have inspired me. I am most definitely a 'No' person. What was that? yeah, no. I've been thinking about what it would take to make me a 'yes' girl. Immediately I have rules.
1. I would not say yes to sleeping with just anyone -- James Blake = yes.
2. I wouldn't say yes to getting to a car with a stranger I met at a bar or any other things that would put me in danger
3. I wouldn't eat anything that would make sick (so literally anything).
So, where does that leave me? If I end up going out tonight for New Years I am determined to make it a Yes kind of night.

Also how crazy is this when I usher in 2009 I'll be a whole year ahead of my family back in The States who will still be back in the dark ages of 2008.

Let's hope 2009 is filled with this:

Silly makes the world go round.


  1. I lova you and miss you toooo! Next time I'm home I insist on Part Three of the Fiercely Silly Photo Shoot. ;-)

  2. As Monica and Chandler would say, cherish the sillyness!

    And yes, we the fabulous will be celebrating the new year at least 12 hours ahead of the barbaric west. We're fabulous by half a day. :)

    ROCK ON 2009! WOOOHOO!!

  3. Burn - we are totally fabulous by AT LEAST half a day, but I am actually not sure that your fabulousness can be measured...

    let's rock.

  4. I have small square feet too. My sister calls them Fred Flintstone feet. She, on the other hand, has long elegant feet that she could crochet doily with. So not fair.

  5. One of my brother's friends used to run after me with knife and fork and try to cut off my toes claiming they were sausages...I feel for you Nicole.