Thursday, January 08, 2009

Super Freak (Out)

It's Thursday morning and I am about to talk about Sunday Night again. This could signify one of two things
a. I don't have a life
b. it was just a really weird night
In this case, it is the elusive third option:
c. a combination of both.

So that boy that I met, he actually asked for my number and because he was Super Cute I totally gave it to him. Now its Thursday and he hasn't called. And I am freaking out. FREAKING OUT. Not really. I just wish I understood what was going on here. Let me take you, my very smart dating detectives, through the night.

We danced. We flirted. He asked for my number. I gave him my number. He tried to kiss me. I told him I don't kiss boys I've just met, which is a lie. But here's the thing, which I am embarrassed to admit to but you know everyone's like "you'll meet someone when you don't expect it?" Yeah, well, I had spent the afternoon at Jessie's eating very garlicky home-made guacamole (delish) and despite chewing 3 pieces of gum and drinking my weight in water deep down I knew that (this was the longest sentence ever) I still had The Breath. But he understood, he was all "I totally get that." And not in the way of a drunk bastard who was hoping to get lucky, but genuinely understood. Or I thought.

Then I had to leave, I had a catch the 10:23 train back to the city. I told him I had to go and he said, "No, don't leave" and then "okay, I'll call you" cheek kisses were exchanged. And then in a whirlwind I was on the train headed home.

I didn't expect him to call until Wednesday, because I believe there is some kind of stupid three day rule? So now, I pretty much have this train of thought on repeat: he isn't going to call get over it, but why would he say he would if wouldn't. He didn't have to say "I'll call you." He could have just said "check yous" and been done with it. Stupid garlic breath. He just isn't going to call, that's okay though, it was a fun night. But why would he SAY he would?

Moral of the story, carry a toothbrush always.


  1. One rule I've learned to live by is: Get Out of His Head.

    Women over-think while men barely think. I'm way over-simplifying, but you know what I mean. No point in trying to figure him out. He probably couldn't give you an answer to why either.

    "What is meant for you will not go by you," they say. I prefer, "Next!"


  2. I know your right...and I am not really interested in why he will or not call. I guess I mostly just wish he would.

  3. bebe. you know they always call when you forget they exist. just think about something else and you may be pleasantly surprised.

    seriously, all the girls i've ever asked out call me back just as i've given up on ever hearing from them. i know it's stressful when you give someone your number but just give yourself a breather. do something fun!

  4. Thanks Rhea! - I hope your right, and if not, regardless it *was* a fun night!