Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Live Blogging My Grumpy Pants

Guess what I am not doing...SLEEPING. So, its only 10:35. But here's the thing, I've been sick all day. Like when I eat my stomach threatens to implode which was sexy because you know how I spent my day...wearing a bathing suit and hanging out by the pool. Nothing, aboslutely nothing, says sexy like being bloated and feeling like shit in a bikini. And now here I am at 10:36 not sleeping which is awkward because well, at 9:10 I was so sleepy that I couldn't finish the episode of Freaks and Geeks that I was watching. Now I am all lively.

10:37 - live blogging is far less exciting when one isn't doing anything at all....

10:38 - after writing the time I kind of space out for like 30 seconds and then realise that I need to type something or less writing the time is kind of silly and pointless

10:39 much like this blog post.

still 10:39 but feels like much longer because emotionally, spiritually, physically my body, mind and soul really want to be asleep but are working together to fight it off like some kind of champion, um, fighter? what? Eyes are droopy - but cant actually doze off. It's a cruel world.

10:41 - You know that thing about only lacking in the bowel movement department usually...today less so - awkward when I ate nothing because did I mention the terrorist attacks that my digestion system is making on my body? Have I crossed the line? Too much sharing?

10:43 - Remember those days when I slept, those were good 'uns.

10:44 - I got wicked de ja vu today. So serious that it lasted minutes. And as I said things it was like quoting a movie that I've seen many times - I seemed to just know what people were going to say whole minutes before they said it.

10:45 - you'd think this would be an opportunity to for me to be freakin' hilarious. Sadly, only so-so. Although I think Jess fully appreciated my heart felt Tom Jones impression..."take off your dress oh yes yes yes"

10:47 - I want to be sleeping

10;48 - Giant Yawn.

10:48b - I sneezed today waiting for the train, and this guy did a full head turn to look at me and then did this really creeptastic smile. The whole thing was unnecessary.

10:49 - eyes open fighting off sleep like a ninja

10:51 - just attempted closing eyes seeing if perhaps all this live blogging has sent me reeling (rowing?) into a deep sea of sleep...it did not.

10:52 - tried again this time trying to connect to my third eye and align shakras...

10:53 - Shakras don't feeling like being aligned - perhaps due to angry tummy?

10:54 - Eyes can't stay open any longer...iI shall fall asleep even if it takes a whole team of ninjas to align my shakras and connect me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and religiously to the power of REM...


  1. This makes me sad :( I think we've switched places! I actually fell asleep at 10:30 and woke up at 8! How did this happen?!? I missa you and lova you, and I'm sorry if you caught my insomnia :p

  2. Awww. you have sympathy insomnia! (Yes, it's all about me. :P) Coz I've been having a shitty time sleeping too, explaining the lack of blogging.

  3. What is this Becky - I would never have thought this insomnia thing was contagious and now look...I blame you entirely for not medicating it properly. I also caught the infantry invasion from you - yesterday.

    Burn - I'm not going to lie I feel better about my insomnia now that I know it is sympathy insomnia...

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sorry you couldn't finish your episode of 'Freeks & Geeks' that is a great great show. I hope you get to feeling better.