Monday, January 05, 2009

A Love Letter to Lo

I went dancing last night at this bar where the band started at 6:30. My kind of joint. I met a boy there and he asked me how I knew all these girls I was I with. I told him it was a long story.

See I studied in Australia in 2006 where I met Lauren. We took an earth science class together. I think we met up for coffee once right after the semester ended and then I went back to America.

She and I wrote long, I am just going to say it, love letters to each other for the next year and a half. We wrote about classes, friendships, and boys. I would squee with glee whenever I checked my mailbox and had a multi-page letter from her.

When I visited Melbourne in January 2007, I introduced her to the best Thai food in the city for a brief lunch meeting. And then I jetsetted off again back to finish my degree at MHC.

Nearly a year ago I arrived back in Melbourne. Lauren was one of two people I knew here. She and I started seeing each other more often. Trying to get together once a week for coffee or dahl or a gluten-free extravaganza. Our conversations circling new topics of our insecurities or our families but with the familiar undertones of 'what will we do with our lives' and of course boys.

And now to last night when I met a bunch of her high school friends at a bar in Auburn. People I've never met but feel close to via stories in from our love letter past. We're romantics and our story is one of romantic gestures, candle lit dinners, and ruckus dance parties.

"We've known each other since 2006"

"That's only three years," he said.

As if we could measure friendship.

What's the story with you and your close friends?


  1. The best thing with my close friends is that we can go upwards of a year (sometimes more) without actually ever seeing each other in person (we live too far apart), but when we do see each other we can pick things up like we hung out the weekend before. That kind of friendship is the best kind.

  2. So true Carmen! I find that is one of the hardest things about being a "grown up" - in school all your friends were right there, but now they're all over the world.

  3. we call my daughter Lola 'Lo' sometimes :) i love your blog header picture. just sayin. :)

  4. Thank you Maggie May! Lola is an adorable name! And Lo is even an more impossibly cute nickname :)

  5. My number one fag hag is back in Seattle, and I'm here in Manila. We'll go for months at a time without talking or seeing each other, and then I'll pick up the phone and call her international for 3 hours straight and feel like we didn't even skip a beat. I've known her since we were both teeny tiny people and would gladly take a bullet for her.

    I miss you, P.I.G.! (Pretty Intelligent Girl)

    Wait... she doesn't blog. LOL!

    This post was tooo cute. I loved it.

  6. Very nice Deidre. The love and quick connection between certain friends is very profound, isn't it? I'm glad you have it with Lauren. If it's like a couple of my relationships, it will never go away, and it's so comforting. Cherish it.

  7. Burn - Speaking of faghags, I just rewatched Object of My Affection...:) Seattle huh, I hope she was okay when all those baby vampires were roaming...oh wait those were fictional.

    Chris - Thank you! It is very comforting...And its good to have someone to practice one's love letter writing skills - as its basically a lost art :)