Thursday, January 29, 2009

Note to Self

Silly me I don't need to be a commentator, ball kid, or lines person; I just need to marry James Blake.


  1. If you married him, you two would make very pretty children together. He's niiiiice. Don'tcha think DemiGod?

  2. If you married him your kids would have the craziest hair known to man!

  3. I got my fill of watching the open over the last few weeks too. I'm still a little sad Fed lost :( But at least it was to Raffy. I also love myself some Blake. Partly because his brother has dreds.

  4. Chris - he is a slice gorgeous.

    Becky - One can only hope, imagine the ferocity of their fro puffs?

    Bridget - I was totally bummed that Fed lost. I am not a fan of Rafa, I want to be, I do. But I am not. Viva Verdasco!