Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh Noes! She's talking about her hair, AGAIN.

New Years Eve wasn't quite the Yes Night I had hoped for, however it was still tons of fun. I went out dancing, briefly, with Lauren and her friend Gen. And then we went to a house party to celebrate 2009. One of the kids (I say kids because he was one of those typical college boys that I despise on principle, from my own college experience, have come realise have shockingly minimal interests besides where their next drink comes from) had just spent 4 months on exchange at a college in Florida. He didn't believe I was American (some other guy went running over to The Kid in great excitement that An American had arrived) until he heard me talking to someone else where he exclaimed loudly, "dude, she is AMERICAN."

To make me feel at home, I imagine, he begin what can only be described as the 'Sup Exchange.

The Kid: 'Sup?
Me: whassup?
The Kid: 'Sup bro?
Me: Sup homes.

And this is where the exchange ends because there is nothing more ridiculous than a white girl dropping 'homes' into conversation. The kid went on to say that Florida was clearly the best state in America, which is obviously a misconception.

Anyway, I've digressed majorly. Lauren was kind of enough to straighten my hair so that I could rock in the new year with a new 'do. Upon straightening the Jew fro it became clear that it was resembling a well known style circa 1995: The Rachel.

Check it out, homes.

Me...excuse the pajama bottoms.

The Rachel:


  1. you rock the Rachel.



  2. what happened to my comment? :(

  3. There never was one!

    Which I am so glad to know that you made one...I was sure of all (as if there are tons) my readers you'd be the first to talk about Rachel's hair ;)

  4. Sadness! My comment never showed.

    Anyhoo, it was an awesomely long discourse on The Rachel, but in a nutshell: You rock it. Especially with those big beautiful puppy-dog eyes and the PJs.

    I'd totally set you up with my friend down there but a.) He's in Perth and b.) he's an asshole.

    But mostly coz you're too pretty for b.)

  5. Aww! Thank you! I am so sad that your comment didn't show up. Silly Blogger.