Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An open letter to the fellas, holla at your boy.

Dear Men,

Hi! I think we both know that facial hair is unfortunate. I mean I get it - shaving every day must be a drag and I am not here to judge a few days of scruffy; in fact sometimes some stubble can be hot, there I said it.

But you know what isn't attractive, deciding half way through the night that The Ladies aren't being wooed by your full-on beard and then going into the bathroom at the bar and shaving it off. That's just confusing.

Are we supposed to pretend we didn't notice?

Are we supposed to be unalarmed that you've brought not only a razor but clippers to a bar?

Are we supposed to throw ourselves at your newly clean shaven cheeks and neck (vampire style obviously)?



  1. What in the world?? What happened here?! Somebody up and shaved in the middle of wooing you?!

    My word that's dedication.

  2. I never saw anything like that when I was doing the bars...so, for real?


  3. Exactly one minute full beard on minute clean shaven... he wasn't wooing me in particular - but there definitely was eye contact in that he knew that I knew he had shaved mid-night.

  4. seriously, that's kinda creepy.

  5. Rhea I know, it was creeptastic.